Welcome to the ECIA eWorkspace

The ECIA eWorkspace is a collaborative area for management and coordination of ECIA projects and services.  Foremost, the eWorkspace is specifically designed to assure authorized operation and coordination of EIA ANSI-accredited standards activities and processes.  However, the eWorkspace is also employed by ECIA to service all programs and services of the Association.

The eWorkspace accomplishes these actions by assigning all programs and services into Groups or Projects.  Members and participants in these programs and services are assigned usernames and passwords which allow access to their specific group(s) or project(s) within the eWorkspace.  This assures that only individuals who are participants in these programs and services can access information and collaborative activities assigned to any of their groups(s) or project(s).  Current programs and services include:

Standards and Guidelines
     EIA Standards Council (ESC)
     Supply Chain Council (SCC)

Statistics and Industry Data
     Passive Components Market Services (PCMS)
     Distribution Total Available Market (DTAM)

Conferences and Trade Shows
Market Committee

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