Industry Promotion

ECIA promotes the real benefits of authorized sourcing to the industry, customers and the investment community. As an advocate, the association actively campaigns against counterfeiting.

For years, the association's advocacy campaign led the fight against counterfeit components by educating purchasers on the benefits of sourcing authorized electronic components. Depending on the type of component, counterfeits now comprise somewhere between 5% and 25% of all available parts. Counterfeit electronic components cost industry as much $100 billion per year. With more sophisticated technology come even more advanced imitations. Fake components that often pass initial tests are boldly making their way into consumer products, medical products, automobiles, even military products, threatening lives and livelihoods every day. Buying from an ECIA Authorized Source minimizes the risk, by delivering genuine parts from legitimate suppliers, with screening, traceability and warranty support you can trust.