The ECIA eWorkspace is a collaborative environment for the management and coordination of ECIA projects. Initially designed to assure the proper operation of the ANSI-accredited standards activities of the EIA Standards Council, it is now used by the various ECIA boards, councils and committees. Access to the ECIA eWorkspace is limited to individuals that are participants on a board, council or committee. Each participant is assigned a username and password which allows them to access content related to the board, council or committee on which they serve and only that content.

If you already have a current username and password for the eWorkspace, please login.

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  • ECIA
  • Joint CE-2 & CE-2.2
    This group provides a voting pool that consists of the members of the CE-2.2 Committee, which retains primary responsibility for the technical content of the circulated documents and the CE-2 Committee, which provides procedural oversight and increases balance representation to conform with the ANSI Essential Requirements.
  • This Public Information Sub-Group is a test area for our development of our outreach to the industry.